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Post  NyanMaster on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:18 pm

Well since this is a forum I say we introduce ourselves to one another and become the best of friends.

Hello I'm NyanMaster, I've been on the Project Dash for quite some time. I'm a spriter for the game, I also provide lots of ideas so I like to dub myself an "Ideologist" of the group/game as well. I only made one enemy so far, I hope to make more when school is not hectic as it is right now with Finals and also when I'm not procrastinating either. If you wanna add me on skype or dev or something I'll message it to you. So yeah how about the rest of you?

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Introductions Empty Re: Introductions

Post  RainbowDaschund on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:44 pm

Hey I'm RainbowDaschund. I was a spriter for Project Dash, and now I'm back. I do apologize for my leave of absence without notification previously. But either way, I've come back from the dead, shaped up my DeviantArt a bit, and hope to continue with help in creating art for the game. Anyways...

I am 16 and have an often ambition to draw. I dont eat much and forget about things sometimes. I'm usually pretty busy, but sometimes I have days with absolutely nothing planned.

That's about it... Oh yea, and finals are Tomorrow, fun-fun.

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