The tilesets planning

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The tilesets planning

Post  punkypie on Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:09 pm

This will be the planing of my work, the idea is making the tilesets of each stage in one week, maybe some weeks will need a bit more like Canterlot or Ponyville or Cloudsdale and other complex locations but i will try to make all in one week, also when we finish one world i will take one week for myself i will make a calendar soon, maybe we will have more than 30 stages before the summer ends, not bad and the polished release for next winter, one year to make a complete and complex fangame is not bad Laughing of course all of this will change in the time but we must try to follow the timing

the order will be;
world map
minigames and extras

and repeat the process for each world

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